Casa di Kooks was born out of a desire to explore and share ideas and experiences that make home life easier, promote healthier eating and create a strategy for long term good health and wellness.

Why ‘Kooks’?

Because we want to connect with people who aren’t afraid to challenge convention, think outside the box and embrace change and new ideas. Inspired by the David Bowie song ‘Kooks’, our ‘casa’ is for the aspirational, the adventurous. Independent thinkers who are keen on making health and wellness a lifestyle choice and for whom protecting the environment is an important part of that lifestyle.

Who are we?  

Casa di Kooks is a small, multi-cultural group based in the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic located slap bang in the middle of Europe.

What do we do?

Dedicated to respecting the resources this planet has to offer, we are keen to complement our ideas and experiences with relevant new products and consumables that chime with our values of nature and nurture. To that end we travel and scour the world for the kind of products that work for us and that we genuinely like. We hope you will share our ideas and trust. We will never recommend or sell anything that we think wastes your time and money, and we use the products we source and test them rigorously so you don’t have to.

We also want to provide a free platform for all likeminded individuals to share their own ideas and creativity. Casa di Kooks is new and constantly evolving, curiously seeking out new experiences, products and advice.

Everything we do, and all that we supply, is designed to be…