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We all know the old saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ but did you know that ‘living with a pet is better yet’? Kooks Pets looks at nine ways keeping a pet can help your health and improve your wellness. Click here to read full article…

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This is the place to be if you value your individuality, are an independent thinker, an adventurous spirit keen to pursue a healthy & fun lifestyle, and like new experiences.

Casa di Kooks is for you if you want to explore the connection between diet & cooking, health hacks, living-space, kids and pets and a healthier lifestyle, at the same time being ecologically aware and environmentally friendly.

Kooks Kitchen
we love an interesting kitchen

Kooks Kitchen: We love the most important room in the house – the kitchen – and everything that goes with it. In the Casa di Kooks shop you will find genuinely useful kitchen appliances, gadgets and equipment, sourced responsibly, that are original, fun, environmentally and ecologically friendly.

Kooks Pets
Kooks pets are a varied bunch

Kooks Pets: At Casa di Kooks we are animal lovers and recognise how a pet can greatly enhance your sense of well-being and quality of life. That’s why we created ‘Kooks Pets’ where you can find information from a variety of international authorities on the links between human health and pet ownership. We also want to hear about the experiences of pet owners in our community.

Kooks Pets sources premium healthy pet food and supplements as well as pet accessories.

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